What Makes Us The Best

We’ve fine tuned the process so that you don’t waste your time or money.

Product DevelopmentOur state of the art lab can produce high quality THC & CBD extracts that can be used to produce virtually any consumable product on the market.
Turnkey ProductionFrom product formulation to manufacturing to distribution, we handle it all for you. Save your time & money by letting the us guide you along the process.
Legal ComplianceOur consultants have combed through all the nuances and regulations that make sure your product stays compliant and safe for human consumption.
DistributionAfter your product is developed, we'll plug you into our distribution system and get your product out for the world to see.
Low MinimumsDon't worry about having to place a large order, we offer low minimums so that you can stay clear of inventory and logistic issues.
Compliant PackagingWe've partnered with some of the very best designers and brand experts to make sure that your packaging is always beautiful & compliant.

THC Extractions

We offer a wide range of THC infused products from beverages, edibles, topicals, to a variety of flower based products. The real question is what we can’t do! Contact us today to get started on your product.

Questions? Contact us today for a response within 24 hours.

Questions? Contact us today for a response within 24 hours.

Full-Service Turnkey


We'll plug you into our Network of legal dispensaries, giving you immediate access.